Where was I born? Varna, Bulgaria.
Where has my indefinite passion for music led me? London, UK.

(Cliché alert)
Like most people influenced by Orpheus’ lyre, I fell in love with music at a young age.
Ever since I watched Alesha Dixon’s performance of ‘The boy does nothing’ on MTV when I was eight, I knew that this experience would not only change my career aspirations but serve me as an escape from reality. And it did. Fourteen years later, I am more than confident that music is my life’s purpose and whenever given the opportunity, I pour my heart and soul into it.

First, I started singing covers and uploading them on YouTube and SoundCloud.
Later, while studying Music and Business Management at the University of Southampton, I began writing original music.
Now, will these songs ever see daylight? Hopefully!

But you know how it is, being a millennial (and a temporarily embarrassed millionaire). Girl’s gotta work, pay the bills, and then put whatever hasn’t already been spent on ASOS towards the ‘music fund’. Correct, a special account has been set up to invest in my Big Bright Future as an International Superstar. But don’t get me wrong, fame is not my sole purpose! It has always been about self-expression and relatability.